Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Day!

Woke up this morning to it snowing like crazy! I told Josh he needed to call and say it was too bad and he needed a snow day, no such luck :(
My poor Alex was sick earlier this week, don't know exactly what was wrong, but she seems to be all better now! She is back to her fiesty self!
I finally got all our Christmas decorations down, our living room seems so empty now, I'm surprised Josh hasn't tried to fill it yet. I guess he hasn't been home enough lately to do so :)
We will probably be moving soon, not sure where yet, still weighing out all the options. While a little scary, I'm "trying" to put it in Gods hands, while I know He will take care of us, I still want to control things !
As Alexs toy just reminded me "There are so many things to do" (except Pooh goes on to say "learning, playing, and being friends with you!, my song ends with "laundry, dishes, and taking care of two!")
Playing in the tent her Abuelita got her for Christmas!

Helping mommy make cookies to take to nanas!

Hello?! Did you hear that I make great cookies?!
Cheerios are best on the floor! Obviously!

Almost rolling over!

All smiles on my tummy!

Alex must think her sister would make a great horsey! (No babies were harmed, I promise!)

 Off for now! Sorry such a lame post!