Thursday, December 30, 2010

Busy Day

Just wanted to write a quick post, trying to make this a habit of mine! I have a busy day ahead of me, aside from my normal stuff, I have to get everything and everyone ready to go to my moms tonight! Are you ready for us nana?!

On a different note, I gave myself a challenge of having a weekly grocery budget of $50, I think everyone, but my husband thought I was crazy, but after doing it for a month, I haven't went over $50! Yay, for me! I have planned out my menus a month ahead, and yes I changed it a few times, but that has really helped!
Ok, Addison is yelling at me, must go!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long time

So it has been a long time since I posted something! I figured out that if I am doing this for someone else, it will never get done, so this blog is now for me! For me to get my thoughts and feelings out on a keyboard! The only reason I am even able to update my blog is because BOTH my beautiful daughters are napping, at the SAME TIME! Wonderful! I will love them both so much more when they awake now because of it! ;)
Anyhow, I am struggling with a cold, wish it would go away so I could get some motivation to take down my Christmas decorations! Usually I like to wait until New Years, but we will be at my moms this weekend, and to be honest, I'm sick of them! I love how they look, SICK of having to chase my oldest around with whatever ornament she decided to take off the tree! So down they must come!

Here are some recent pics
Alex messing with her sister Addison (nothing new)
 She was so excited about the train!
 Cupcake nose!

My sweetheart helping me mop before her Nana and Aunt Megz came!

That's all for now, hopefully will post again soon!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby sleeping!

Well Alexandra has officially started scooting! Josh has learned (even though I told him this) that she won't do it to come to him, she only does it when she wants something out of her reach! Why would she scoot to him, if she knows he will eventually pick her up?! Men are funny sometimes!

She has been napping in her crib, finally! I put her down to sleep last night, but she only slept in there for about an hour before she wanted back in bed with us. Baby steps! Today she napped for 2 hours when she came home, and she is napping now, I can't imagine for the same length of time, but who knows! I am so happy she is finally starting to remember she likes her crib! She used to sleep in there but sometime around December she started not wanting to, and would scream like the dickens if we put her in there! forward 4 months and a new king size bed later, she is on her way!

Josh and I went to Target yesterday, we found this 10 pc crib set that is so perfect for the new baby! So excited about it!

I am so excited for Easter! One because it is my daughters first, but also because it is such a wonderful day to celebrate new life!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It seems like yesterday I got my positive pregnancy test. Now my little girl is rolling around trying to find the next thing she can tear apart. I actually found out I was pregnant on my husbands birthday. Great birthday present if you ask me :) I remember feeling so tired the days leading up to that day, and I couldn't figure out why. My whole life I thought the first sign I would get when I was pregnant would be throwing up! Ahh, the things you don't know before you actually get pregnant. I didn't have much sickness with Alexandra, here and there when I would eat something she didn't like I would, and then go on with whatever I was doing, nothing real bad. It's funny because the one thing I do remember is how tired I was, and even out of the womb this girl is exhausting. I wouldn't trade her for anything though!

Here lately she has started waving, it's so adorable. She, of course chooses when and who she wants to wave to, but oh the excitement when she does!

I have decided that I could live off her smiles for the rest of my life. I just wish she could always stay so happy and never be hurt!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have decided to change the whole idea for my blog. From hereon out I am going to be writing to my daughter. I want to remember all the fun and special times I have had with her. Josh and I have found out that we are expecting again! While it was a shock, we are very happy! This blog will ensure I remember everything, when my pregnancy brain is going crazy!