Monday, November 23, 2009

A little about me with a pinch of no sleep!

I thought I would start a blog, mostly for family that don't live close by. I plan to write a lot about my 20 week old daughter, Alexandra; as well as my life as I see it!
To start with I am 26 years old, been married to my husband Joshua for 4 years now. We have been together for 8 years, which seems like a while, but time sure does fly! He works with his family, and spends a majority of his time at or thinking about work. He loves us, and I know he does his best to provide for us!
I am also a born again Christian, while my walk with Christ has had it struggles, it has been the best path I have chosen to take. While a lot of my life changes have been for the best, some are still hard, such as losing some good friends, but in time it will all work out.
As for the no sleep part, my beautiful daughter, to which we call so many names; Alex, Allie, Allie Cat, Allie Bug, Nug, Nugnut, and of course Alexandra! Poor girl will probably never figure out her name! She has always been a pretty decent sleeper, and up until the past week, would only get up once a night. Which was great, I felt so proud to tell people this when they asked if I had gotten much sleep. She has decided to switch that around on me! She has been getting up every 2 hours, I have trouble getting her back to sleep! All she wants to do is nurse, and won't sleep by herself! I have since realised that she has a cold, which is probably the culprit, I just hope it goes away soon! While I hate not sleeping, I feel worse for her, I know she has to be exhausted!
She happens to be napping right now, which is the only way I was able to start this. I really should be getting the house cleaned, as we have company coming on Thanksgiving! On that note I sign off! Happy Thanksgiving in case I am unable to post before then!


  1. Greetings, my lovely daughter! So glad you were able to finally get a blog up and running!

    Can't wait for your blog updates and new pictures! I hope that Allie Bug gives you a break tonight and sleeps well herself, poor lil precious love bug!

    I am so proud of you, you are such a good mother!

    Love you bunches, Mom

  2. When your little one goes into an almost non-stop nursing time, it is the way that your milk supply is increased. It would seem as though I had become a nonstop milking machine and that I had no time to myself. But it would be ok after a few days and then my baby would be more back to his/herself. When she is sick, she is also more likely to be clingy/and also when getting a new tooth. The main thing is for you to try to relax and pamper yourself when you can and know this too will pass. Nancy