Friday, December 4, 2009

Bible in 24 hours?!?

I think the hardest part of this blog thing, is coming up with a decent title for the post. I would normally center my post around the title I choose, I am deciding to different today.
My little one has not been a very good napper today, she has had trouble falling asleep, and then has trouble staying there, which has made a tiring day for her mama as well! I have spent most of my day following along to a powerpoint called "24 hours through the Bible" a man of the name Chuck Missler narates the whole thing, here is his website It has been pretty interesting, and has kept my attention most of the day!
My beautiful daughter has now decided that she needs me attention more than this blog does, so I promise to write sooner than this last time!


  1. Unfortunately, there will be days like this! I hope after her bath time tonight, she will sleep well, with dreams of sweet things, only! Give her kisses and hugs, from her silly Nana!

    That sounds so interesting, can't wait for Christmas for more then one reason now, since you said you would share 24 hours through the bible with me!!

    Have a great time tomorrow, Princess! Talk to you after! xoxo

  2. I love what you have started on your blog - being a mom is the best ever blessing in the world!! I'm a friend of your mom's OOE. Judith