Tuesday, December 8, 2009


When my husband and I decided to have a baby, it wasn't so quick and easy for us. After a year with no success, I started to have horrible back pain. I went to several doctors, had several x-rays and exams done, but no one could tell me what was wrong. My mother had mentioned to me that maybe I had endometriosis, as she had once had it, and it was possibly hereditary. I decided to research it, and after looking at all the symptoms, it seemed like a possibility. I went in and told the Dr my findings, he then referred me to a ob/gyn, as he thought this was a possibility. After a couple visits with different doctors, we decided to have a laparoscopy done. A week later I went in for surgery; they had found some tissue on my bladder, and removed it. Two months later I had no more pain and was pregnant! I have since found out that endometriosis doesn't go away, it comes back unless you have a hysterectomy. So I know the next time I try to get pregnant it could be a struggle, but after having my daughter it is so worth it.

Turns out this problem is pretty common. So many people around me seemed as if they got pregnant so easily, it was so frustrating when I couldn't. After I had this surgery, people started telling me that they had the same problem, or had trouble themselves. If more people talked openly of their problems, it would help others with similar problems! Well, I thought I would share my story!
Here is a link to more information of endometriosis http://www.endometriosis.org

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