Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have decided to change the whole idea for my blog. From hereon out I am going to be writing to my daughter. I want to remember all the fun and special times I have had with her. Josh and I have found out that we are expecting again! While it was a shock, we are very happy! This blog will ensure I remember everything, when my pregnancy brain is going crazy!

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  1. Sorry the phone conversation was cut short...I think this is a wonderful idea for Allie, since things do seem to slip our minds when our lives are full and busy. I just know this new lil life you have growing in you, will be such a blessing to all of us! And I know that Allie Bug will love her new sibling so much!!

    Give her hugs and kisses from Nana, who really is missing her and YOU!!! Much love to you both, and Joshua too!:)