Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby sleeping!

Well Alexandra has officially started scooting! Josh has learned (even though I told him this) that she won't do it to come to him, she only does it when she wants something out of her reach! Why would she scoot to him, if she knows he will eventually pick her up?! Men are funny sometimes!

She has been napping in her crib, finally! I put her down to sleep last night, but she only slept in there for about an hour before she wanted back in bed with us. Baby steps! Today she napped for 2 hours when she came home, and she is napping now, I can't imagine for the same length of time, but who knows! I am so happy she is finally starting to remember she likes her crib! She used to sleep in there but sometime around December she started not wanting to, and would scream like the dickens if we put her in there! forward 4 months and a new king size bed later, she is on her way!

Josh and I went to Target yesterday, we found this 10 pc crib set that is so perfect for the new baby! So excited about it!

I am so excited for Easter! One because it is my daughters first, but also because it is such a wonderful day to celebrate new life!

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  1. Everytime I see this picture, I smile! Such a cutey lovebug she is! Looks like she was really having fun!

    Can't wait to see her scoot, heck, I just can't wait to see her period!!

    Oh and I love your new set, it is just perfect for 'Punkin'! Love, Mom